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     Block Making Machine Supplier

    Mobile Block Making Machine

    1. No pallet design can save production cost.
    2. Equipped with running wheels can move and produce blocks easily.
    3. Equipped with a working chair which can make the operator more                      comfortable.
    4. Hydraulic system can save workers’ energy to lift and drop mould. Besides,
          the hydraulic system also can provide pressure to form the blocks. 

    Semi-Automatic Block Making Machine

    1. Semi-automatic brick making machine is specially designed for                  medium scale block project.

    2. It's automatic materials feeding, distributing, brick forming and                stacking.

    3. This  block machine is very economical, popular in developing                    countries. 

    Automatic Block Making Machine

    1. The way of moulding is vibration combined with hydraulic pressure.                    Blocks have good strength and density.

    2. It is quick speed and evenly distributed.The vibration is oil-immersed to              have a good lubrication.  

    3. Only two vibration motors are always working, Other motors will operate            according to the needs of the equipment, which greatly contributes to the          effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

    4. Working life of mould is greatly improved.


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