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    Mini Stationary Concrete Batching Plant for sale is often used to mix concrete in a concentrate way, which is widely used in large and medium construction engineering that has large scale, long construction period and concentrate working sites. Also, it is commonly used in water conservancy, electric and bridge projects, etc.

    Concrete batch plant for sale has high automation degree and mechanism degree so that it has high efficiency and large production output. What’s more, concrete mixing plant for sale can quite ensure good quality of concrete and save cement effectively.

    concrete batching plant in Philippines

    HZS25 Mini Batching Plant For Sale
    Productivity:  25m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS500
    Aggregate Bin Volume:  3×3

    Discharging height:   3.8 m
    Gross weight:  15T

    Small Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


    Mini Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

    HZS35 Small Concrete Mixing Plant 
    Productivity:  35m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS750
    Aggregate Bin Volume:  3×5

    Discharging height:   3.8 m
    Gross weight:  18T

    HZS50 Small Batching Plant Price
    Productivity:  50m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS1000
    Aggregate Bin Volume:  3×8

    Discharging height:   3.8 m
    Gross weight:  23T

    The whole mixing plant is easy to move, the distance between the front and rear during the transportation is very short, safe and fast. It is only 17.92 meters.  

    For the design of export products, the whole mixing plant customized by factory such as YHZS25, YHZS35 and YHZS50, each mixing plant can be fully loaded in a 40HQ container, and it greatly saves transportation cost for the customers.  

    The operation of the whole mixing plant requires only one skilled worker. It takes 7 days to complete the operating training.

    The biggest advantage of mobile mixing plant is that it move easily. It takes 8 hours to complete the movement from A to B and installation. It does not need to lay the foundation and do pre-embedding.

    The whole design of the mobile mixing plant satisfies the demands of the market. It receives very large response in the Philippines and meets the requirements of the work site with small 


    HZS75 Automatic Concrete Mixing Plant 
    Productivity:  75m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS1500
    Aggregate Bin Volume:  3×12

    Discharging height:   3.8 m
    Gross weight:  32T

    YHZS25 Small Concrete Mixing Plant 
    Productivity:  25m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS500

    Mixer Power :18.5KW
    Overall Weight (ton): ≈15T
    Installation Power:61KW


    YHZS35 Small Mobile Batching Plant Price
    Productivity:  35m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS750

    Mixer Power :30KW
    Overall Weight (ton): ≈22T
    Installation Power:73KW


    HZS60 Ready mix Concrete Batching plant 
    Productivity:  60m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS1000
    Aggregate Bin Volume:  3×8

    Discharging height:   3.8 m
    Gross weight:  30T

    Ready mix Concrete Batching Plant


    YHZS50 Small Mobile Batching Plant Price
    Productivity:  50m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS1000

    Mixer Power :2X18.5KW
    Overall Weight (ton): ≈26T
    Installation Power:92KW


    HZS90 Ready mix Batching Plant Price
    Productivity:  90m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS1500
    Aggregate Bin Volume:  4X15

    Discharging height:   3.8 m
    Gross weight:  68T


    concrete batching plant in Pakistan

    The advantages of our factory new formwork station: it does not need to lay foundations, and it can be replaced at any time. The area is small and the work efficiency is high. The most important is whole mixing plant only needs one person to operate that saving labor cost.

    Our Concrete Batching Plant works in different construction sites



    Our Concrete Batching Plant gets good reputation from our customers.  It has wide application on the bridge construction, tall building construction, airport construction, highway construction and so on. 
    Therefore, it is more convenient for us to provide our customers better service. When you plan to buy a placing boom concrete pump, please don’t hesitate to choose our Sanq Group.

    Concrete Batching Plant Advantages

    We are a factory .Concrete batching plant the price is more advantageous, the production cycle is fast, the delivery speed is fast, and the quality is more guaranteed.

    Material of Concrete Mixer

    1. Mixer Body: Wear-resistant Steel Plate

    The thickness reaches 10mm. The hardness is high. It has good wear-resistant property and impact property. 

    2. Mixer Shaft: High-quality Alloy Steel

    Alloy steel has the property of high intensity, tenacity, abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, heat resistance and so on.

    3. Mixing Arm: Nodular Cast Iron

    Nodular cast iron is globular graphite by nodulizing and inoculation. It enhances the mechanical property, especially enhances the plasticity and toughness. It has higher intensity than the carbon steel.

    4. Mixing Liner and Blade: High-chromium Iron. 

    In high-chromium iron, there is high-harness martensite which can forcefully supporting partical of carbide and guarantee the high abrasive resistance. 



    Control System

    PC+PLC Command and Control System: Can be run automatically. It saves the labor while make the running more steady and precise. ensures the high reliability. Human-based intelligent control facilitates the operation greatly, can meet the requirement of every high performance concrete.Colorful Display Screen can clearly display the running condition of the plant.

    Aggregate Batching Machine

    1. Thickness of Storage Bin and Weighing Bin: 4mm Thick. It is thicker than many other companies.

    2. There is heightening plate above storage bin. 
    1) It can store more aggregate. 
    2) It is connected with storage bin by bolts and nuts. Can be easily assembled or disassembled. If your loader is small and cannot lift aggregate too high, you can disassemble it to lower height to make loader reach the storage bin.

    3) Blocking roller and Tension Device: Block roller is to prevent the belt from drifting; Tension device is to prevent belt loosen.

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