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    Concrete Batching Plant

    Small/Mini Concrete Batching Plant


    Model: HZS25 ~ HZS180
    Capacity: 25 ~ 180 m3/h

    It usually has features of modular structure & modular design.

    It is very convenient to install and relocate the whole concrete plant, and has advantages of stable performance, convenient operation and short cycling time.

    Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


    Model: YHZS25~ YHZS75
    Capacity: 25 ~ 75 m3/h

    mobile concrete batching plant is widely used in short term or medium term projects to produce plastic concrete or dry hard concrete. It has the features of movable, easy set up and operate with its modular design and automatic control systems. The capacity of the mobile concrete batching plant can be from 25m3/h to 120m3/h. It also can be customized according to your special requirement.

    Foundation Free Concrete Batching Plant


    Model: HZM50-HZM75
    Capacity: 50~ 75 m3/h

    1. Compact design and structure, which is very suitable for shipping in a container.
    2. It is easy and comvenient to move for work of different sites.
    3. Quick installation. Because it doesn’t need to lay a foundation, so which saves a lot of installation time
    4. High production efficiency. 

     Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant


    Model: HZS25 ~HZS180
    Capacity: 25~ 180 m3/h

    Support two mixer working at the same time, higher efficiency.
    PLC automatic control system
    suitable for small or middle size project
    Less land occupation and less energy consumption
    Faster to assemble and disassemble, convenient to transfer and install.

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