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    1.JZC series mixer is actually drum mix type small mobile concrete mixer. 
    2.The biggest advantages of this small drum concrete mixer is cost-effective. 
    3.It has the features of small purchase cost and easy to use. 
    4.Factory price for sale

    Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

    1. Self loading concrete mixer has strong function that feed, mix and discharge          aggregate by itself.
    2. It has weighing system and add water automatically.
    3. Moreover, Self loading concrete mixers can produce and transport concrete at      the same time.
    4. Self loading concrete mixer can greatly save lots of labor cost and solve big          troubles of transporting concrete.

    Concrete Mixer With Lift

    JS Concrete Mixer

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     Concrete Mixer Supplier

    Mini Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

    JZC Concrete Mixer

    1. concrete mixer with lift is added a lifting and self-landing device on                  the basis of the original concrete mixer.
    2. This machine combines mixing and lifting functions in one machine.
    3. The concrete in the lifting bucket can be lifted to different floors by                   the ladder, lifting hoist and carriage.
    4. Therefore, it saves a considerable construction time and labor cost,                and greatly improves the working efficiency.

    1. JS series concrete mixer is with characteristics of reasonable structure,                high mixing ability, high mixing quality, low consumption, novel layout,                  high weighing accuracy and easy operation.
    2. Easy for installation, simple and convenient
    3. Easy operation, high mixing efficiency, less residual volume, easy cleaning, it        is one kind of ideal concrete mixing equipment
    4. Reducer is from international famous components which greatly reduced              the failure rate, and advance the Utilization rate.

    Mini/Small Concrete Batching plant

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