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    DHB Asphalt Drum  Mixing Plant

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    Brief Introduction

    Model: DHB40 ~ DHB100


    Product Capacity: 40 t/h ~ 100 t/h


    Total Power: 75 kw ~ 200 kw




    Continous production, drum mixing;

    Compact structure, low initial investment. 


    Model and Parameter

    Model Capacity Measurement Accuracy Total Power (kW) Fuel Consumption (kg/t)
    Aggregate Bitumen Coal Oil
    DHB-40 40t/h ±1.5% ±1% 75 10-13 5.5-7
    DHB-60 60t/h ±1.5% ±1% 128 10-13 5.5-7
    DHB-80 80t/h ±1.5% ±1% 165 10-13 5.5-7
    DHB-100 100t/h ±1.5% ±1% 200 10-13 5.5-7

    Detailed Information

    1.Aggregate batching system
    Aggregate batching system main includes: batch hopper, feeding belt, collecting belt, vibrating screen and belt conveyor. There are 4 batch hoppers carrying aggregates with different specifications to meet the gradation requirements of asphalt mixture. At the lower part of each batch hopper equipped with adjustable belt feeder, which can realize stepless speed regulation. The collecting belt under the hoppers will collect the aggregates and transfer them to the vibrating screen. Particles with diameter >40mm will be screened out, and the rest will be sent to the belt conveyor. Then the belt conveyor will move the aggregates to the drum dryer (drying drum).

    2.Drying & mixing system
    Drying & mixing system consists of drying cylinders, combustion devices, and oil ignition system components, etc. Drying drum contains 4 carrier rollers, 2 rolling rings, 2 blocking wheels, a cylinder and shovel plates. The cylinder was supported by carrier rollers with its rolling rings and driven by the reduction gears stably and evenly. When aggregates get into the drying drum, they will be raised by the shovel plate to the highest point and then poured down, forming a wall where the fire will go through to dehydrate the materials. The cylinder is rolling with inclination of 3.5°to get the aggregates mixed with bitumen and out off the cylinder for elevating in right time. 

    3.Bitumen supply system
    The bitumen supply system is composed of bitumen tank, bitumen gear pump, pipes and bitumen spray tube. The gear pump is driven by the adjustable-speed motor and transfer the bitumen from bitumen tank to the drying drum for mixing process.

    6.Finished product silo
    Finished product silo is used to temporarily store the asphalt mixture before truck loading. It mainly includes stand columns, storehouse, ladders, etc.

    4.Dust Collecting System
    The dust collecting system has two collecting levels, cyclone dust filter and water dust collector. The purified air flies up and gets discharged from the chimney, while the dust mud sinks in the sedimentation basin thanks to the gravity.

    5.Finished product elevator
    Finished product elevator has driving device, chains, chain wheels and a hopper. Its main function is to raise the finished product up to the storage silo.

    7.Electrical control system
    The Electrical control system which adopts centralized control technology, is composed by distribution cabinets, control room and other small auxiliaries. All the electrical components attached to the distribution cabinets are brand products, qualified and durable.

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    DHB series is continuous asphalt mixing plant, suitable for samll and medium-sized road construction project. It has advantages as the following: 
    1. Integrated structure, less land footprint, could be located in a narrow or confined area; 
    2. Compact structure, convenient for transportation and relocation; 
    3. Cold aggregate feeder with load cells and variable frequencey motor; aggregate feed is precised controlled; 
    4. Drying drum has functions of heating, drying and mixing, high energy efficiency ratio; optimized inner structure and external thermal insulation shell, fast heating speed and less heat loss; 
    5. Low initial investment and highly cost effective.

    Main Structure

    1. Cold aggregate feeder    2. Bitumen tank    3. Burner    4. Drying & mixing drum  5. Hot asphalt elevator    6. Hot asphalt silo    7.Control cabin    8. Water dust filter

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