Foundation Free Concrete Batching Plant


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    Advantages of foundation-freeing batch plant

    Foundation Free Concrete Batching Plant 

    If you choose general concrete batching plant, when the engineer install the plant, it is necessary to lay the foundation in advance. While, if you choose foundation-free concrete batch plant, you don’t need to lay a foundation. But you need to find a hard and flat ground as the foundation. Is it very easy and convenient?

    1. Compact design and structure, which is very suitable for shipping in a container.
    2. It is easy and comvenient to move for work of different sites.
    3. Quick installation. Because it doesn’t need to lay a foundation, so which saves a lot of installation time
    4. High production efficiency. It is equipped with JS series twin shaft concrete mixer,.This kind of concrete mixer can mix aggregate evenly and forcibly, ensure the         
    quality of concrete.

    In a word, if you want to choose a convenient concrete plant, you can take this foundation-free type into consideration. 

    Our concrete plant works in different country

    concrete plant in Philippines

    concrete plant in Kenya

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    Mixer JS1000 JS1500
    Productivity 50m3/h 60m3/h
    Aggregate Batching Machine 3x10m3 3x12m3
    Aggregate Dia. ≤80mm ≤80mm
    Aggregate Weighing 2000kg 2000kg
    Cement Weighing 4000kg 600kg
    Water Weighing 200kg 300kg
    Additive weighing 20kg 20kg
    Mixing Motor Power 37kw 2x30kw
    Water Supply Way Automatic Automatic
    Liquid Additive Tank 4T 4T
    Control System Automatic + Manual Automatic + Manual
    Discharge Height 4.2m 4.2m

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