jzc concrete mixer for sale


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    20m³/h  Concrete Mixer

    The control cabinet with lock which is easier for control.

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    High quality lifting motor with brake which make sure the lifting speed and security.

    JZC series mixer is actually drum mix type and small mobile concrete mixer. The biggest advantages of this small drum concrete mixer is cost-effective. It has the features of small purchase cost and easy to use. 

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    MODEl JZC250 JZC350 JZC500 JZC750
    Capacity 6-8m³/h 10-14m³/h 18-20m³/h 20-22m³/h
    Discharge Volume 250L 350L 500L 750L
    Charge Volume 320L 560L 800L 1200L
    Mixing Motor Power 4.5kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw
    Hoist Electromotor Power 4kw 4.5kw 7.5kw 7.5kw
    Water Pump Power 0.55kw 0.55kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
    Accuracy of water supply ≦2% ≦2% ≦2% ≦2%
    Drum rotating speed 14r/min 14r/min 13r/min 12r/min
    Max aggerate size 60mm 60mm 60mm 60-80mm
    Overall weight 1500kg 1700kg 2500kg 3500kg
    Overall dimension 2260*1990*2750mm 2766*2140*2950mm 4055*2200*3840mm 4350*2250*4650mm

    8m³/h  Concrete Mixer

    14m³/h  Concrete Mixer

    22m³/h  Concrete Mixer

    Electrical component adopts domestic famous brand which guarantees less fault rate.

    It has vibrator in feeding hopper which make the material feeding more smoothly and avoid blocking.

    Driving gear and loading gear is made from cast steel which is more durable, strong and wear –resisting, long lifetime and easy for maintenance.

    The upper structure is bending design which is easy for loading and transport.

    JZC series concrete mixer

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    The JZC mixer is easy to ship because of its small dimension. 1*20GP container can hold 3 sets JZC250, 2 sets JZC350 mixers. 1*40HQ can loading 6-8 sets of JZC250 and JZC350.
    Compared with the JZC500 machine, many customers have made improvements in the later stage. Please check the video for our newly product ladder mixer. If you are intereseted, you can contact us.

    JZC Mobile Concrete Mixer Features


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