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     Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant


     22 Utility Patents
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    China NO.1 Asphalt
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    CE , ISO , EAC Certified
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    Asphalt Batch Mix Plant LB Series is new and ideal construction equipment used for manufacturing asphalt that is mainly applied in highway road construction and other civil construction.

    As a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer and exporter, Sanq Machinery is good at producing products to clients according to their actual demands.

    Model: LB700 ~ LB5000

    Product Capacity: 60 t/h ~ 400 t/h

    Highlights: Stationary plant, batch mixing, precise batching; Classic model, most cost-effective, best-selling.


    Product Parameters

    Model Capacity(Standard Conditions) Mixer Capacity Dust Remove Effect Total Power Fuel Consumption Measurement Accuracy
    Fuel Oil Fuel Coal
    LB700 60t/h 750 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 178kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t Aggregate: ±0.5%
    Filler: ±0.25%
    Bitumen: ±0.25%
    LB1000 80t/h 1000 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 285kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
    LB1200 100t/h 1200 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 316kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
    LB1500 120t/h 1500 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 380kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
    LB2000 160t/h 2000 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 470kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
    LB2500 200t/h 2500 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 547kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
    LB3000 240t/h 3000 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 700kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
    LB4000 300t/h 4000 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 870kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
    LB5000 400t/h 5000 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 960kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t

    Detailed Information

    1. Aggregate supplying system

    ①. Protective plates on both sides of the aggregate hoppers to avoid sundries getting into the aggregates and conveying belt;
    ②. To make the supplying smoother, vibrators are equipped below each hopper;
    ③. Adds grid plate at top of each hopper to buffer the shock from aggregates flow, meanwhile it screens oversize aggregates;
    ④. Conveying belt is protected by dustproof cover to reduce dust emission;
    ⑤. Adds belt cleaners and pinch rollers to make the aggregates supplying more fluent and accurate, besides, they also extend the belt durability;
    ⑥. Small vibrating screen is added between belts, to further screen oversize aggregates; 
    ⑦. The supplying system has insufficient material alarm system, ensuring a safe and smooth production.

    2. Drying system


    ①. Driving units have auto lubrication device, greatly reduces labor cost;
    ②. Different areas inside the drying drum have different blade configurations, which can handle aggregates in different processes;
    ③. The rolling rings and rollers are applying high strength wear-resisting material. Deviation preventing rollers for both rolling rings;
    ④. The cylinder adopts boiler steel and stainless steel skin, which gives it high temperature resistance and non-deformability;
    ⑤. The cylinder employs thermal insulating rock wool material that can maintain the temperature inside, reducing heat loss.

    3. Aggregates elevating system


    ①. The aggregates elevator takes modular design with newest dust sealing structure;
    ②. Elevator applies double plate link chains design, which extends the elevator's service life and reduces maintain frequency.
    ③. Excellent leakproofness with the moters;
    ④. Applies famous cycloidal pin gear speed reducers, more powerful and reliable;
    ⑤. The aggregates slide tunnel adopts damping structure wear-resisting plate link chains to enhance the performance.

    6. Mixing system


    ①. The mixer, mixing blades and liner plates are all using the best materials with high hardness and high abrasion performance;
    ②. The cycloidal pin gear speed reducer has better transmission efficiency and simpler structure.

    4. Screening system


    ①. Vibrating screens that apply world famous vibration motors are completely sealed;
    ②. Aggregate storage bin adopts large bin structure to avoid material overflow; 
    ③. Aggregate bins are separated by high strength wear-resisting plate to avoid aggregates mixing.

    5. Weighing system


    Adopts world famous brand (TOLEDO) weighing component, to make sure that the measurement error of aggregates is below 0.5%, and the measurement error of bitumen and filler is below 0.25%.

    9. Control system


    ①. Fancy control room for operator, nice operating environment and good sound insulation effect;
    ②. Control room is equipped with split-type air conditioner, aluminium alloy sliding windows, wood floor and so on;
    ③. All operations are integrated in one room, auto and semi-auto control makes it easy to operate.

    7. Finished product storage system


    ①. The storage silo has heating device to keep asphalt temperature and quality;
    ②. The silo has anti-blocking device to keep asphalt quality.

    8. Dust collecting system


    ①. Double dust collecting systems, including the primary volute dust collector that gets rid of large size dust and secondary baghouse collector that further get rid of the rest dust;
    ②. Adopts famous brand draught fan, high efficiency against low power rate.

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