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    Mini/Small Concrete Batching plant

    Small/Mini Concrete Batching Plant


    Model: LB700 ~ LB5000
    Capacity: 60 ~ 400 T/H
    Stationary plant, batch mix, precise aggregate batching and weighing;
    Classic model, wide application, highly cost-effective,  best-selling,

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    Small Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

    Mini Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

    Features Of Small Concrete Batching Plant:

    Concrete Batching Plant Related Products:

    HZS25 Concrete Batching Plant 
    Productivity:  25m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS500
    Aggregate Bin Volume:  3×3

    Discharging height:   3.8 m
    Gross weight:  15T

    YHZS25 Concrete Mixing Plant 
    Productivity:  25m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS500

    Mixer Power :18.5KW
    Overall Weight (ton): ≈15T
    Installation Power:61KW


    HZS35 Concrete Mixing Plant 
    Productivity:  35m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS750
    Aggregate Bin Volume:  3×5

    Discharging height:   3.8 m
    Gross weight:  18T

    YHZS35 Mobile Batching Plant 
    Productivity:  35m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS750

    Mixer Power :30KW
    Overall Weight (ton): ≈22T
    Installation Power:73KW


    YHZS50 Mobile Batching Plant
    Productivity:  50m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS1000

    Mixer Power :2X18.5KW
    Overall Weight (ton): ≈26T
    Installation Power:92KW

    HZS50 Concrete Plant 
    Productivity:  50m³/h
    Concrete Mixer:  JS1000
    Aggregate Bin Volume:  3×8

    Discharging height:   3.8 m
    Gross weight:  23T


    1.The configuration of Small concrete plant is simple.

    2.It usually has features of modular structure & modular design.

    3.It is very convenient to install and relocate the whole concrete plant,          and has advantages of stable performance, convenient operation and        short cycling time.

    4.Main concrete mixer models include:JS500/JS750/JS1000 etc.  mini concrete batching plant is suitable for plastic, dry and hard concrete, fluid aggregates, mortar, etc.

    Features Of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant:

    1.Mini mobile batching plant is easy to disassemble and transfer which suitable for tight project .

    2.The operation of the whole mixing plant requires only one skilled worker. It takes 7 days to complete the operating training.

    3. It move easily. It takes 8 hours to complete the movement from A to B and installation. It does not need to lay the foundation and do pre-embedding.

    4.It meets the requirements of the work site with small area and long working line.

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