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     Small Concrete Mixer Truck Advantages

    4.Cleaning device

    The newly added car washing device and high-pressure spray head can effectively remove the remaining wet materials inside the drum, for example, the cement agglomerates. Reduce the weight of the drum to increase its service life. The final flush faucet design also fully reflects the humanized design.


    If you want to choose a small light truck that is suitable for your use, this is your best choice.

    3.Water supply system

    The biggest highlight of this mixer truck is that it can mix dry materials. The water supply system sprays water evenly on the dry materials in the drum through cylinder, mix materials in transportation, effectively saving mixing time.

    2.Design of square hopper

    It used to be a round hopper, which can only receive the concrete. Its function is only transportation;But square hopper can not only receive concrete, but also dry materials, so as to achieve the function of mixing materails to produce concrete;

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    Mini/Small Concrete Mixer Truck

    The material of the drums are all special steel for concrete mixer truck, its model is 620JJ. Compared with Q345, its ductility and wear resistance are higher, and the cost per ton is increased by 20%. The steel thickness of the mixing drum of 1.5m3, 2.0m3, and 2.5m3 in our factory is: drum body is 3mm, the ends are 6mm, and the internal mixing blades is 4mm; this light design is to make the weight of the tank lighter to load more concrete, and the service life is also longer than the Q345 thick design.

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    Model 1.5m3 2.0m3 2.5m3
    Angle of Inclination of Drum (°) 14 14 14
    Charge Speed (m3/min) ≥2.8  ≥2.8 ≥2.8
    Discharging Speed (m3/min) 1.2 1.2 1.2
    Rest Rate (%)  <0.5  <0.5  <0.5
    Water Tank Volume (L) 120 120 120
    Mixing Rotate Speed 1-17r/min
    Tanker Material 16MnQ345 / Drum: 5 mm thickness / Tanker head: 6-8 mm thickness 
    Supply Water System Air Pressure Water Supply
    Reduction Reducer Chinese Brand/Italian Brand
    Piston Motor Chinese Brand/USA Sali/Other
    Oil Pump Chinese Brand/USA Sali/Other
    Chassis Dongfeng/Shacman/Foton/HOWO

    Our company's products still attracted customers to visit during the coronavirus. 
    They are extremely approved of this series of operations about products from tailoring materials, coiled plate, base, bracket, welding of internal blades, sandblasting, painting, commissioning, amendment and testing. 
    Customers feel very worthwhile when traveling during coronavirus.


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